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Cassasa confirmed that the audios in which he mentions the actions of the Macrista “judicial table” are his authorship.

The commissioner Hernan Cassasa confirmed this Thursday to the legislators of the Bicameral Intelligence Subcommittee of Congress that the audios in which he mentions the actions of the macrista “judicial table” are his authorship and where it details who were the former officials who made it up with the aim of harming union leaders, which complicates the situation of the former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Cassasa, current commissioner of the Buenos Aires Police and deputy commissioner in 2017, declared before the members of that working group, made up of the deputies of the Frente de Todos Rodolfo Tailhade Y Eduardo Valdes, and the legislator of Together for Change Miguel Angel Bazze.

Tailhade told Télam that Casassa “He confirmed that he is the author of those audios, their content and contributed a series of elements that we need to deepen.”

“It was a good statement. He ratified what the audios that are public knowledge of the judicial table say”, Stressed the deputy.

He also noted that the policeman “contributed elements on the functioning of the Judicial Table that they were similar “to those that had already been obtained with the ongoing investigation and he assured that he promised to” provide other information. “

On Tuesday Conte Grand must testify before the Bicameral
On Tuesday, Conte Grand must testify before the Bicameral.

In the audio, The police officer tells that he was in charge of some of the cases framed in the actions of the Buenos Aires judicial table and makes direct reference to the Buenos Aires attorney, Julio Conte Grand, who was summoned by the subcommittee for Tuesday of next week.

Parliamentary sources indicated that that same Tuesday they will seek to take statements from two representatives of two companies to establish which of them sold the equipment with which the meeting held in 2017 at the Buenos Aires headquarters was recorded. Banco Provincia.

In that entity a Ocular inspection to know how the cameras were arranged, as resolved by the legislators.

The decision to summon Conte Grand is linked to the dissemination of the images of that meeting in 2017, in which former officials from the management of former governor María Eugenia Vidal, former directors of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) and businessmen analyzed strategies to set up legal cases against leaders of the La Plata construction union.

The audio from that footage revealed that some of the attendees alluded to the assured collaboration of a prosecutor and the Attorney General’s Office in the objective of harming trade unionists.

The summons to the deputy commissioner had been decided at the first meeting of the Bicameral Intelligence subcommittee, created after the video of the 2017 meeting was released.

On the summons to Conte Grand next Tuesday, In statements to El Uncover Radio, Tailhade reflected: “There are many elements that we have collected throughout this time regarding a lot of situations in the province that clearly imply Conte Grand’s participation in different crimes.”

“Hopefully on Tuesday he can answer all these questions. He is too important a figure in the institutional design of the province of Buenos Aires for us not to have rational explanations for his actions.”, He opined.

In addition, the deputy warned that if (Conte Grand) does not attend the bicameral, “His absence has to be one more element in the request for his impeachment.”

He assessed that once the parliamentary working group has the declarations of the businessmen and the explanations of Conte Grand, it will be “in a position to summon the three AFI officials.”

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