Commissioner Corona Pedro Facon does not recommend compulsory vaccination

Commissioner Corona Pedro Facon handed in his assignment: a report on vaccination coverage in Belgium. For him, the vaccination obligation is not the best scenario, he decides instead for a corona certificate reserved for vaccinated. It has been weeks since the idea of ​​an obligatory vaccination has been invited into the discussions. Codeco decided in November to take the bull by the horns and request a report from the corona police station. It is this report which was submitted Thursday evening.

Pedro Facon does not advocate compulsory vaccination, he takes as a witness the WHO which does not speak of this vaccination obligation as a last resort. And while such an obligation can be ethically, socially, and legally proportionate, the fact remains that too many uncertainties remain. On the disease itself and its evolution, on vaccines, doses, the continuation of a campaign. In short, it would not be better. However Pedro Facon advocates a parliamentary debate and the opinion of the population.

On the other hand, it is more favorable to the health pass, which has become a real vaccination certificate. But beware: there is no question of using it for essential activities. It is therefore a very moderate report which calls for extreme caution.

The ball is therefore now in the politician’s court. The Chamber should soon begin hearings in the Health Committee.

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