Common Front marks civil service strike for March 17 | Public function

The Common Front of Public Administration Unions scheduled a national strike for March 17, to demand immediate increases in wages and the enhancement of careers and public services, in the face of “the impoverishment of workers”.

“It will be a big public administration strike”, anticipated the leader of the Common Front, Sebastião Santana, at the press conference this Thursday, in Lisbon, recalling that the stoppage will take place one day before the national demonstration of the CGTP, convened for March 18.

The decision to go on strike was taken at the union summit held this morning, indicated Sebastião Santana, stressing that “a framework of generalized impoverishment of workers” was taken into account.

Questioned about whether the Common Front is available for a general strike, together with the other union structures, the union leader said that “the date has been announced” and that everyone will be “very welcome to this day of struggle”.

The CGTP also announced on Friday a national demonstration in Lisbon, to be held on March 18, to demand an immediate increase in wages and pensions and in protest against the rise in the cost of living.

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