Concession for a monastery in Coimbra provides for a minimum annual income of 18,800 euros | Biennial

The tender for the concession of the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, in Coimbra, registered in Revive, a program for the requalification of heritage for tourist purposes, provides for a minimum annual income of almost 19 thousand euros.

Announced by the Council of Coimbra on Monday, the competition regulations are now available on the Revive platform, with a minimum annual income of 18,800 euros and a concession period of 50 years for the requalification and transformation of the monument into a five-story hotel. stars.

According to the information available on the platform consulted by the Lusa agency, the tender for the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, located on the left bank of the Mondego, provides for a total construction area of ​​around 13 thousand square meters, being open to applications until 31 May.

The expected minimum income represents just over 1500 euros a month, but it will still lead to an income of almost one million euros at the end of the 50 years of the concession.

As mentioned by the Council of Coimbra, there is the possibility of increasing the score of proposals that provide for “an interior space of 600 square meters for the exhibition of artistic pieces from the Coimbra contemporary art biennial, Anozero”, can be read in the associated documents to the process. However, this reservation can be made for Anozero or for “another cultural event also recognized by Coimbra City Council”.

“The interaction and integration of a pole of the biennial or of another cultural event, under the terms foreseen in the terms of reference, is an option and not a condition of participation or grounds for exclusion”, adds the document.

The increase will only have an influence of 25 points out of a possible 225 (the tender foresees a maximum of 100 points for the criterion of annual contribution and the same for the criterion of anticipating the start of exploration).

The documents in the file mention that the contract to be established with the concessionaire, if it includes the biennial, will have to reserve a space of 600 square meters every two years, for a minimum period of two months and a maximum of three months (with a extra month of preparation), with no other use foreseen by Anozero of this space, which over the years has occupied the monastery outside the biennial period, as will be the case in April with the exhibition by the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson, who will be patent until July.

After the announcement of the opening of the competition and the maintenance of the biennial as optional in the requalification of the space, the director of Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Carlos Antunes, told Lusa that the organization of the biennial believed that the continuity of Anozero in that monastery would be ” the condition from which the rehabilitation of the monastery would be thought”.

“What is now being proposed is the presence of the biennial as an optional and not mandatory possibility, with the option for its presence corresponding to an increase in the proposals that so wish”, he added.

The mayor of Coimbra, José Manuel Silva, stated that “the biennale will never be in question”, along the lines of the current competition, since, he assures, the various promoters contacted by the municipality “are interested in the inclusion of the biennale in the process”.

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