Conditions for the entry into Israel of Sputnik V vaccinated have become known

Mikhail Murashko confirmed the creation of a working group on the issue of mutual recognition of vaccination certificates between Russia and Israel, which was discussed during a recent video call with Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz.

“We have collected a huge array of data on each case of COVID-19 disease, as well as created a register of those vaccinated against coronavirus infection. Access to data and electronic certificates is carried out through the State Services portal using a QR code, so we have implemented the issue of confirming the fact of vaccination and re-vaccination. to the fullest, “Mikhail Murashko said.

A large-scale revaccination against COVID-19 has been going on in Israel since September, which made it possible to quickly, in just two months, cope with the fourth wave of coronavirus infection in this country. According to the head of the Israeli delegation, “by the end of the fourth wave, two thirds of the population had already received the third dose of the vaccine in the country.”

“A person is considered vaccinated if he received the last dose of the vaccine no earlier than six months ago,” said Yoel Razvozov. We are actively vaccinating children and adolescents. We know about the high effectiveness of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik.” We also got acquainted with the Russian system of electronic certificates of vaccination on the State Services portal, which works effectively. Therefore, it is planned to allow entry into Israel for Russians vaccinated Sputnik. We still have time to work out all the necessary conditions and formalities. “

According to the head of the Israeli COVID-19 headquarters, Salman Zarka, “currently, upon arrival in Israel at the airport, foreigners who have a vaccination certificate and grounds for entering the country take a blood test to perform a serological antibody test.”

The Russian side proposed to consider the option of recognizing the results of a serological test (test for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus) performed in Russia before departure. In this case, the testing procedure on arrival could have been avoided and thereby simplified the procedure for the entry of Russians vaccinated with Sputnik into Israel.

In the meantime, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the rules of entry, which will take effect from December 1, look like this: to enter Israel, foreign tourists must fill out a declaration on the website of the Ministry of Health.

From November 1, foreign tourists who meet the following criteria can enter Israel:

1. If in the last 14 days before entering Israel you have not been to a “red” country (you can check which category this or that country belongs to on the official website of the Ministry of Health of Israel).

2. Vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by WHO (or Sputnik V vaccine – from December 1) or have been ill;

3. Are not subject to a ban on entry for other reasons;

4. Entering Israel via Ben Gurion Airport.

Foreigners who do not meet these criteria will be able to enter Israel only with the permission of the Commission of the Population Registration Office.

Criteria of the Israeli Ministry of Health for recognizing a citizen as vaccinated or ill:

Vaccination “Sputnik V”:

1. The ability to enter Israel from December 1 and the need to be in quarantine until a positive serological test is obtained.

2. If, after receiving a dose of the vaccine, at least 14 days have passed before entering Israel and no more than 180 days before leaving Israel.

3. Vaccinated with a “booster” dose of the vaccine (if after receiving the dose of the vaccine at least 14 days have passed before entering Israel).

Procedure for entering Israel:

1. PCR test done within 72 hours before departure.

2. Filling in the declaration for entry into Israel.

3. Passengers who have an electronic certificate stating that they are vaccinated or recovered will enter their details into an online form and will receive an Israeli “green certificate” even before boarding the plane.

4. Passengers who do not have an electronic certificate will indicate in the entry declaration at what time they have suffered the disease, and / or which vaccinations they received, and will also fill out a declaration on vaccination or illness abroad, to which relevant documents must be attached, and will receive an Israeli “green certificate” before planting.

When boarding a plane, you must present the following documents:

1. Presentation of a negative PCR test done within 72 hours prior to departure.

2. Confirmation of the completion of the declaration for entry into Israel.

3. Presentation of one of the following certificates: vaccination certificate, sickness certificate or entry permit from the Population Registry Office.

Re-checks of the specified documents are possible upon arrival at the Ben Gurion Airport.

Upon arrival, you must undergo a PCR test at Ben-Gurion Airport and remain isolated until the test results are received.

For those vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine, in addition to the PCR test, it is necessary to pass a serological test at the airport and remain in quarantine until the result is obtained.

A foreigner vaccinated with Sputnik V and receiving a negative serological test can choose to stay in Israel and complete quarantine (14 days or 7 days with two PCR tests) or return home during the quarantine period.

More detailed information can be obtained on the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Health (there it is presented, including in English), as well as – the Russian-language version of the main provisions – on the official website of the Israeli clinic “Hadassah-Moscow”.

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