Confidence at Austria after the agreement with the investors

Around 130 members are expected to come to the Generali Arena. “I expect an open and constructive discussion. There will be questions, we will answer them,” said Austria board member Gerhard Krisch, relying on transparency. The manager had been in talks with investors for months. In the end, it became a largely internal solution.

Many “long-term companions” (Krisch) of Austria are in the “Viola Investment GmbH-Freunde der Austria”. Including President Frank Hensel, Vice Raimund Harreither and the real star David Alaba with purple roots. There is also a group around Werner, in which ex-team player Sebastian Prödl is reportedly involved.

12 million for 40 percent

Austria will cede 40 percent of the club’s shares, and the 12 million euros it has earned are primarily intended for the continued existence of the traditional club, which has been financially badly damaged. The Violette’s negative equity increased to EUR 19.2 million in the past financial year. Austria has total liabilities of over 79 million euros. Member approval should be a formality given the numbers. “Without the entry of an investor, Austria would have no chance,” says Krisch bluntly.

The fact that some managers in the club are now financially involved in this should be covered by the compliance regulations. As Hensel wanted to emphasize, the association also has the right to buy back the shares. Dust stirred up the supporters for the time being that a vote should also be taken on the sale of a further 10.1 percent of the shares to the group. This would probably only apply if the “50 + 1” rule applicable in Austria were to fall. This secures an association the majority of votes in its AG.

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