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The modification of the draft of the Penal Code continues to provoke confrontations. After the piece was approved in a chamber and perimeter it was taken to a study commission, from which some clashes have arisen over the consensual issues.

On Wednesday night, Deputy Alexis Jiménez, vice president of the bilateral commission that studies the modification of the piece, reacted indignantly against Senator Antonio Tavares Guzmán, after he denounced that the initiative had reduced the penalty in cases of sexual assault between couples.

The legislator of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) of Santo Domingo not only denied the senator (who is also a member of the bicameral commission), but also stated that his statement on the matter was “very regrettable”.

Likewise, he pointed out that Taveras Guzmán was unable to take advantage of “his advisers to understand and understand the draft of the Penal Code.” The piece is in a study commission after it stood in the Senate after being approved by the deputies.

“And even more, that, with the help of his advisers, he offers statements to the national press that are not true about this important legislative initiative,” said Jiménez on his Twitter account (@alexisjimenezrd) in which he opened a thread to refer to the issue. .

Said “it is a pity” that the senator of the Santo Domingo province “insists on lying about the content of the new CP.” The deputy understands that he is doing it with the intention of “Get attention and get news and headlines.”

Jiménez, in the same way, invited the senator, whom he never mentioned by name, to attend the next working session of the bicameral commission, “so that the country may specify these statements, which articles of the new CP project, alluding to the violation, they were modified ”.

“I must clarify that it is not true that the Penal Code project reduced the penalty for criminal violation. IT’S FALSE. Completely false”

Taveras Guzmán reaction

Before the uproar, the first message that Jiménez posted, the senator from Santo Domingo answered him clarifying that when he spoke of the reduction of punishment in the Penal Code he had only referred to the aspect of couples.

In the same text, he reiterated that they had reduced the sentence in those cases, because now it is from one to four years and in the CP that he limited it was from 10 to 20 years ”.

“Dear deputy, my comment was in the situation of rape or non-consensual sexual activity in a relationship, not in a general sense. In the original project he had the same penalty of rape, which is from 10 to 20 years according to article 133. In the new version of the CP, 1-4 years ”, he said.

“I want to make an emphatic precision. My statements were directed to the situation of rape or non-consensual sexual activity in a relationship, not in a general sense, “he had posted before addressing deputy Jiménez.

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