Consistorial Palace lights up for Breast Cancer awareness
Consistorial Palace lights up for Breast Cancer awareness

In a ceremony led by Mayor Carolina Mejía and First Lady Raquel Arbaje, the Mayor’s Office of the National District (ADN) turned on pink lights at the City Hall in the Colonial City in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“This is a very special day. What we seek is to create awareness. Our dear first lady was saying the other day it is not just October, “said Mayor Carolina Mejía.

“And it is that we continually remind our friends, our beloved women that it is always time to check ourselves, that it is always the time to verify that everything is okay, that we learn to examine ourselves and take care of ourselves,” Mejía stressed.

Likewise, when addressing those present, she invited women and the general public to continue promoting these support networks for all those who have experienced and are going through this disease.

“Let’s continue building sisterhood, let’s be there for more women, because we need each other well to be able to continue promoting and working in favor of our people,” he stressed.

Also present at the event were Minister Geanilda Vásquez; representatives of the Ministry of Public Health and the Cabinet of Health; the president of the Council of Aldermen, Elías Reynoso and the vice president Liz Mieses.

Equally regidores and regidoras; directors of the DNA; the president of the Association of Solidarity Women Survivors of Breast Cancer, Norka Díaz; patients and survivors; representatives of the International Plan organization.

The first lady Raquel Arbaje announced that the State, through Social Security, will provide coverage for breast reconstruction surgery.

He also commented on the Program for the Timely Detection of Cancer, under the slogan “Check yourself”, which is sponsored in coordination with the National Health Service (SNS) and the National Health Insurance (Senasa) with the purpose of facilitating free check-ups throughout the year, in hospitals throughout the national territory, with mobile units when necessary.

“We are not going to leave any woman alone, all early detection is going to be treated; We are not going to leave anyone without their treatment, ”said Arbaje.

The act concluded with the lighting of pink lights in the building of the Consistorial Palace and a presentation of the Folkloric Ballet of the National District.

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