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Libel from the opposition calls for the removal of the President for having violated the Constitution and compromised the honor of the Nation.

In one of the few unitary acts of the opposition during the current legislative period, representatives of the sector yesterday entered the constitutional accusation against President Sebastián Piñera and the Chamber of the Chamber bypassed the members of the commission that will study the admissibility of the libel, according to which the removal of the president is requested.

“We come to deduce a constitutional accusation against the President of the Republic for the acts of his administration that seriously compromised the honor of the Nation and for having openly infringed the Constitution and the laws, by virtue of the factual and legal grounds that they are outlined below, “says the 99-sided document.

The indictment is made up of three parts. The first refers to general considerations, which includes a profile of the president and an account of Sebastián Piñera’s business, an analysis of the blind trust and a detailed study of what happened in the Exalmar, Barrancones and Dominga case, which includes among other elements of judgment, the tax edge of this case.

The second refers to the assumptions of origin of the constitutional accusation and the third part points to the assumptions of the accusation. Here, the libel says that “the President of the Republic openly violated the Constitution and the laws by committing acts of his administration that violate articles 8 and 19 No. 8 of the Political Constitution of the Republic.”

He is also accused of “having seriously compromised the honor of the nation by failing to comply with international legal obligations.”

The text indicates that, due to the arguments presented, the admissibility of the accusation is requested, so that later the Senate accepts it and “the President of the Republic is declared guilty and is thus removed from his position, and prevented from carrying out any public function, whether or not it is popularly elected, for a term of five years. “

The deputies drawn to make up the commission that will study the accusation are Raúl Florcita Alarcón (Indep.), Maya Fernández (PS), Pepe Auth (Indep.), Paulina Núñez (RN) and Virginia Troncoso (Indep. Chile Vamos).

Thus, the instance was made up of an opposition majority and deputy Fernández was elected president.

From the Government, the Minister of the Segpres, Juan José Ossa, rejected the libel and described it as “an abuse of a tool such as the constitutional accusation, we had not seen it in the history of Chile, a haste, a lack of seriousness at the time of studying antecedents, a little serious legal work “.



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