Consultations on forming a government continue in Berlin

Representatives of the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the Liberals (FDP) resumed talks Tuesday on the path to a joint Federal Government.

The negotiators met at the Berlin Exhibition Center.

After the talks, the leader of the Green Party, Michael Kellner, said that the volume of problems has become smaller and the number of solutions greater.

SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbale spoke of intense discussions and appeared optimistic: “Our mission is not easy, but something good can be done.”

A decision is expected by Friday on whether further negotiations will take place. The party leaders did not want to comment on the talks.

No specific decision was expected for or against the negotiations for the formation of a governing coalition, as another meeting is scheduled for Friday. The politicians, who agreed to respect the confidentiality of the talks, did not make statements to reporters at the start of negotiations on Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the General Secretaries of the parties will continue to work in smaller groups, while the candidate of the SPD, Olaf Soltz, is going to travel to Washington to meet the G20 Finance Ministers.

The aim is to have an interim report by the end of the week and decide whether the three parties will start negotiations to form a governing coalition.

In parallel with the negotiations for the formation of a government with the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals kept open the possibility of a coalition with the Christian Democrats.

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