Support.  What the soccer player Paulo Dybala gave to Agustín's family (Capture from Instagram).

Agustín Cordenós He is a child of only three years old, a native of the Cordovan town of Canals, who suffers from achondroplasia, a pathology from birth that affects growth. Pablo and Lisette, his parents, are immersed in a exhausting struggle to get a drug authorized that could be used for this disease, which is popularly known as “Short stature”.

To do this, they launched a campaign in which aims that the National Government authorizes a medicine that could be used for that pathology and improve the quality of life not only to Agustín, but to all the people who have that condition.

“We had Agustín’s diagnosis at four months,” he said. Pablo Cordenós a The voice, and added: “The drug Vosoritida or Voxzogo is not approved in Argentina, that’s why we launched the campaign.” “That remedy could give my son quality of life”, He remarked.

About therapy

As the man explained, it is a daily subcutaneous injection until the person’s growth plates close, that is, it can be up to 15, 16 or 18 years old. It is a chronic treatment which is approved in the European Union and in the United States.

“Because I ask the Argentine State to help us by regulating the use of the treatment and that together with the social and prepaid works an agreement is found to attend and give the possibility of accessing the treatment to all the people who so wish, “he said. Pablo Cordenós. “The State must recognize the urgent need to treat children with this progressive disease, providing the option of obtaining what for now is the only drug that impacts bone growth, proportionality, quality of life and functional independence ”, he requested.

Support from different sectors

The story of the Canals family was replicated on social media. AND different personalities from culture and sports, such as Paulo Dybala from Cordoba, echoed the case of Agustín and they got more people to know about the request they are making.

Support. What the soccer player Paulo Dybala gave to Agustín’s family (Capture from Instagram).

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