Corinthians is reunited with the striker who provoked the club in the Copinha debut

Bismarck scored nine goals and was Resende’s top scorer in the under-20 (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Revenge is a dish that is eaten… in the case of Corinthians the answer may be: twice. This is because the club can once again respond on the field to a provocation made by striker Bismarck, from Resende, a team from Rio de Janeiro, with whom the Timãozinho debuted in the São Paulo Junior Football Cup.

What happened on January 4, 2022, the Parque São Jorge club faced Rio de Janeiro for the first round of group 15 of Copinha, in São José dos Campos, and won 1-0 until the 44th minute of the second half, when the boy Caio invaded the area from the right side and was knocked down by Corinthians side Reginaldo. Penalty taken and converted by striker Bismarck in favor of Resende.

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During the celebration, the striker provoked Fiel Torcida, putting his hands over his ears, sending the message that he wanted to hear the fans’ demonstration, who were very angry with the opponent’s attitude.

But Corinthians’ response came on the field and in that same match, exactly four minutes later, when Guilherme Biro found Matheus Araújo at the edge of the area, on the left side, and the midfielder hit goalkeeper Pedro’s right corner to make it 2-1 for the Timon.

Now, the two teams will meet again at Copinha, this Friday (14), at 9:45 pm, for the third phase of the competition, an opportunity for Corinthians to once again ‘shut up’ Bismarck.

It is true that, through social media, the player from the Rio de Janeiro team went to social media on the same day of the provocation, justifying and apologizing with the following statement:

– This is a football thing, they booed me at the time of the penalty, I scored the goal and went to the crowd, not with the intention of provoking, because that is part of football. Congratulations to Corinthians for the victory and pardon the crowd if you have offended anyone. It was never the intention, I just responded to the provocation with the same. Ball stuff! – he wrote.

Even so, for the Corinthians fan, the taste of answering the provocateur will always be special.

Bismarck hasn’t scored goals since his debut, against Timão. Top scorer of the under-20 team last season, the striker started the Copa SP as one of the players to watch for the carioca club, but lost his title against Leão do Pici, in the previous match, entering only at halftime.

Ranked second in group 15, Resende comes from a penalty shootout in the previous phase, after a 1-1 draw against Fortaleza. Hero of the game in question, goalkeeper Pedro will no longer play for Gigante do Vale because he was traded with Portimoniense, from Portugal. Sales must be the holder.

Corinthians has 100% success in Copinha so far, with four wins in four games. In the previous phase, Timãozinho thrashed Ituano 5-0.



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