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Interview with the program turn ball, from ESPN, yielded good information about the building of Timão’s cast

Duilio Monteiro Alves brought good news to Timão fans (Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF)


© 369, AGIFDuilio Monteiro Alves brought good news to Timão fans (Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF)

Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Róger Guedes and Willian. This is the magic quartet of Corinthians players, all coming in the last transfer window and hoping for a good campaign for Timão in the Brazilian championship. But, until now, no one knew what percentage of these athletes’ rights belonged to the club.

On ESPN’s Bola da Vez, the club’s president, Duilio Monteiro Alves, resolved all doubts. 100% of the federative rights of Giuliano, Willian and Renato Augusto. From Róger Guedes, due to its market possibilities, the percentage is 40%.

“There are ways for you to bring players. In this case, these athletes were free because they gave up the money they had to receive. Usually you pay a glove or a subscription prize when the athlete is free and would have the rights. We were able to make these. deals with some compositions. In the case of Willian, Giuliano and Renato Augusto, 100% (of economic and federative rights) belong to Corinthians, if I’m not mistaken,” he began.

“In the case of Róger Guedes, who is a younger athlete, with sales potential, and who had proposals from several clubs in the world with very high values, Corinthians paid a part and has 40% of his rights,” he said.

Among the possible names to reinforce Timon in the next window, Paulinho is one of the club president’s favorites.

“He has the face of Corinthians and, if Corinthians can count on him, it will be very good. Without creating expectations in our fans. We go after it, we try,” he said. “I think it’s our obligation to want to have the best in our team because of the size Corinthians is,” he concluded.

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