Corky will be entitled to a sequel, 30 years later

A spin-off project on his sister, Becca, is in the works. A pilot has been ordered.

About thirty years ago, the series Corky was one of the first to feature a young hero with Down syndrome. Life Goes On (of its original title) thus told the life of the Thacher family, revolving around the handicap and lasted four seasons.

Almost 30 years after its conclusion, Corky will return in a sequel, which will look more like a spin-off, since it will be interested in the life of Becca Thatcher, the little sister. Nothing is certain yet, but a pilot has been ordered. It will see actress Kellie Martin return to headlining, who will reprise the role that launched her career, who went on to become a superstar with Emergency room.

According to the pitch, we will follow what has become “Adult Becca Thatcher, now an accomplished physician, and her family at large as she returns to her hometown”.

A drama in which the creator of the original series Michael Braverman will participate as an executive consultant. For now, nothing says that Corky, namely actor Chris Burke, 54 years old today and who has not filmed for 20 years, will make an appearance in the series.

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