Corona Commissariat does not argue for mandatory vaccination, but for "corona certificate"


The corona commissioner’s office is not advocating mandatory vaccination against Covid-19, according to a memorandum sent to the members of the Consultation Committee and the presidency of the House on Thursday evening. Pedro Facon and his team prefer the introduction of a “corona certificate”. This can be read in the document, which Belga was able to view.

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The corona commission believes that the main purpose of the corona certificate would be to contribute to a higher vaccination rate, instead of being a means of limiting the risk of contamination in certain activities, such as with the original Covid Safe Ticket. Higher vaccination coverage helps reduce serious cases and hospital admissions, the commissioner reiterates.

In this scenario, that tool would become a vaccination certificate and the recovery certificate would be abolished. In certain cases, for example with high virus circulation, the vaccination certificate could be combined with a test certificate. However, their use should be limited in the context of the epidemiological situation, which may be described in the much-discussed corona barometer, and only used in certain contexts. The certificate should never be requested for essential activities.

Broader policy package

However, the corona certificate should be part of a broader policy package, as part of the “gauge cheese model”. However, the corona commission recognizes that there are no perfect and 100 percent effective measures against the virus.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, the Prime Ministers and the President of the House received the memorandum on Thursday evening with a view to the Consultation Committee meeting next week and the debates planned in the House on the desirability of mandatory vaccination. The corona commission believes that in addition to a political one, a social debate or even a referendum can be considered.


A meeting with the Prime Ministers also took place on Thursday evening about the corona barometer, the most important item on the agenda of the upcoming Consultation Committee. In the House, the Public Health Committee will hold hearings for a political debate expected at the end of February, Chamber President Eliane Tillieux said on Wednesday.

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