Corona: Educators are calling for more test options in kindergartens

KIWI has been using lollipop antigen tests against suspected cluster cases for a year and has been testing in two KIWI kindergartens at its own expense in cooperation with SYNLAB since November 2021 Lollipop PCR testing. However, the cooperation cannot be rolled out further due to a lack of financing options. Now the association appeals to the political decision-makers.

“It is very important to us to make ‘PCR lollipop tests’ widely available in kindergartens and after-school care centers. We therefore urge the political decision-makers at federal and state level to make this low-threshold and child-friendly test option free and accessible, since financing from personal initiative cannot be financed across the board, “said Gudrun Kern and Thomas-Peter Gerold-Siegl, managing directors at KIWI, in a broadcast.

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