Corona: England also shortens quarantine to five days

New quarantine rules

This distinction between contact persons in K1 and K2 has existed in Austria since January 8th no longer. Currently there is only The contact persontriple vaccinated (or twice vaccinated plus once recovered) are completely excluded from this definition.

For five to eleven year olds, two stitches are enough not to count as contact persons. Even if FFP2 masks were worn continuously, you are no longer considered a contact person since January 8th.

If you are classified as a contact person, you can from the fifth day free-test with a PCR test.

Contact persons in the critical infrastructure can continue to work with a daily test and an FFP2 mask. These include, for example, health workers or energy supply workers. 2.5-G applies to hospital employees and employees in retirement and nursing homes. You must be vaccinated, recovered, or PCR tested.

People who tested positive

Since January 8th People who tested positive in Austria no longer have to isolate themselves uniformly for ten days, but can also test themselves for five days with a PCR test. So a distinction is no longer made between the virus variants.

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