Corona: Mortality in the EU is still higher than before the pandemic

The number of deaths in the European Union is still above the average of the previous years – but only just barely.

In July of this year, a good four percent more people died than in the same period of the years before the corona pandemic, according to the data published on Wednesday by the Eurostat statistical office based in Luxembourg. The evaluation does not show how many people actually died as a result of a corona infection.

Austria as a country average

In Austria the numbers of the evaluation developed

According to ng, similar to the EU, but were recently above the country average. According to this, 21.2 percent were achieved in June 2021, while the EU average was 5.9 percent.

In July, at 5.7 percent in Austria, the value again approached the EU average of 4.4 percent. According to the information, the peak of 47.8 percent above the comparative values ​​was reached in Austria in November 2020.

Highest value in November 2020

According to Eurostat, excess mortality is currently falling across HEU. The highest value since the beginning of the pandemic was also recorded in the EU in November 2020 at 40 percent. It then fell to just under six percent by February, before rising again in the spring.

The highest value of this year was reached in April with a good 20 percent. Since then, figures in the EU have been falling noticeably, according to the results of statisticians.

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