Corona skeptic Michael Verstraeten launches his own news channel, with Joyce De Troch as presenter: "Like the classic channels, but without the strategic coloring"

“Do you still watch the news on VRT, or on VTM?” asks presenter Joyce De Troch. VersoTV’s website. “Well, we have an alternative for you. An online news channel where you get news twice a week. Domestic and foreign news, such as on the traditional channels. But without the strategic coloring. We are going to bring you objective news. You don’t have to zap away annoyed anymore. We update you completely twice a week. Two hours of real news. Independent news.”

Thoroughly tired of the faces of VRT and VTM? “Well, so do we. That is why we are going to set up a news channel where you will receive news twice a week. As you should actually get it on VRT and VTM.” And further: “The need for neutral news in which things are said as they are is great. Verso will be online TV without taboos. With news that doesn’t mince words. News without a hidden strategy that dictates how we should think. brought objectively. Without prejudice, without framing.”

VersoTV’s conclusion is clear: “In a few weeks you will only be watching De Kampioenen, Thuis or football on the traditional channels.”​

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Trial Episode

After which the people behind VersoTV treat us to a first test episode. In it, a lot of attention is paid to corona-related topics such as the vaccination campaign for children – in which the notable health economist Lieven Annemans (UGent) is given the floor – or the consequences of the corona measures for shopkeepers, but also the situation at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“This is how news should be presented: objectively, framed in a broader context,” says Joyce De Troch. “Reality, that’s what you can expect from us. We are convinced that you also want a different media. A media that really informs you. Support us, and let us completely reverse the media landscape in Flanders as soon as possible.”


Vergauwen is counting on contributions from the public for this. “We have the ambition to replace the news on VRT and VTM for you. That has to be done neutrally and properly. We want you to get quality. That is why we are going to build a decent TV studio in the short term. From there, we can provide news and, in the long run, interpretation. At a high level.”

“In order to do that, we ask for your support. Help us provide a real alternative to the traditional colored journals. Put your shoulders under a real independent press that is not guided by all kinds of strategies. A news channel that doesn’t want to teach you anything. Clear, clear, plain news. You can write history with us. This way you can tell your grandchildren that you stood at the cradle of a better media landscape in Flanders. You will be able to say that your engagement has given VRT and VTM a close call. Because let’s face it, the traditional media really deserve a lesson.”

Those interested can take out a monthly subscription for 5.99 euros, although the more budget-conscious media seeker can take an annual subscription for 60 euros. Donations are also allowed, so that VersoTV can build its own studio.

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