Coronavirus: Alain Maron, this Brussels Minister of Health who is more and more tense

NWe will introduce the coronapass if and only if the epidemiological situation seriously deteriorates. “Alain Maron may well dispute the words (of his spokesperson), evoking” a translation error “signed by the Belga agency, they have stained for a week his ministerial coat of arms, already tarnished by the covid. They especially irritated some, ulcerated others. And freed the floor. Politicians, the opposition, that’s its role, but also the majority, it’s a sign. Regional players but also, inevitably, local ones, the Ecolo minister cultivating a tense relationship with the municipalities since the start of his mandate. Political interlocutors but not only. To varying degrees, the Brussels minister is criticized for going there if not backwards, at least by letting doubts and hesitations (not devoid of electoral thoughts) slow down his communication, but also, we now insist, his action.

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