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Brasilia, October 11, 2021Updated on 10/11/2021 03:06 pm

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who spends a few days on vacation on a beach, was irritated this Monday when he spoke with some followers and a woman asked about the more than 600,000 deaths that the coronavirus covid-19 in the country.

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“In what country did people not die?”asked three times Bolsonaro, who in the absence of response from the woman added visibly annoyed: “Look, I didn’t come here to hate myself.”

Brazil exceeded the barrier of 600,000 deaths by covid-19 last Friday and until now the president had not commented on that tragic mark, which until then had only surpassed the United States.

Before being interrupted by the woman, in a conversation with some followers on Guarujá beach, Bolsonaro assured that the country “Is coming out of that crisis” sanitary, which considered that “Practically over” with the sharp reduction in the numbers of deaths and infections that has been registered in recent months.

This vertical drop in the statistics has been attributed above all to the advance in vaccination, which today has reached 47% of the 213 million Brazilians with the complete guideline, while just over 70% have just the first dose.

“They call me a denier and we gave 20,000 million reais (about 3,700 million dollars) to buy vaccines”, added the far-right leader, who from the beginning of the pandemic always minimized its severity and came to question the effectiveness of the antigens.

Bolsonaro He again criticized the “stay-at-home policy that the economy comes later”, alluding to the confinements and other measures that restricted mobility in the worst moments of the health crisis and were adopted by governors and mayors.

“Now we are left with inflation and we all pay the bill”, said the president, who argued that the loss of purchasing power of Brazilians with the price increases registered this year, already close to 9%, are a consequence of these restrictive measures.

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