Coronavirus in Argentina today: map of cases and statistics as of January 14

The viral pneumonia pandemic caused by a new coronavirus registers in Argentina a total of 6,932,972 infected patients, 117,901 dead and 5,878,689 recovered. Today, January 14, 139,853 new cases were reported, 93 deaths, and 80,188 recovered patients. These figures are released daily by the Ministry of Health.

On January 14, the largest number of infected was registered, reaching a number of 139,853 positive cases.

The provinces or districts with the highest number of cases are: Buenos Aires with 2,664,084 cases, Córdoba with 756,193 cases, and CABA with 754,320 cases. If the number of infected per hundred thousand inhabitants is observed, the three provinces or districts with the highest incidence of the virus are: CABA with 24,525.58 cases, La Pampa with 23,387.4 cases and Tierra del Fuego with 21,625.77 cases.

The virus fatality rate, that is, the percentage of deaths over the total number of infected detected, reaches 1.7 percent in our country. Deaths from coronavirus, as in the whole world, are concentrated in the population over 60 years of age. The average age of the deceased is 71, with a male prevalence of 56.61 percent.

To date, a total of 7,306,322 tests have been carried out, of which 373,350 were negative and 6,932,972 positive. This gives a 94.89 percent positivity of the total number of samples carried out.

If we take the current number of infected in our country, it would take 40.46 days for the cases to double.

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