Photo: Ignacio Blanco / The Andes

Since Wednesday of this week, information began to circulate about the lack of reagents used to carry out the rapid Covid-19 tests. The increases in cases and the tests carried out per day give reasons for the lack of supplies to carry out these tests.

“In the private part there is little quantity, we are only fulfilling the people that we had previously committed to. We can’t take it anymore because the reagents are not arriving, we are waiting”, affirms the biochemist Rubén De Vecchi.

Photo: Ignacio Blanco / The Andes (Ignacio Blanco/)

Both from the private and public sectors they receive the components of the Covid-19 tests from local drugstores, which are supplied by large laboratories. The big problem would be that the laboratories that are the suppliers of the drugstores in Mendoza, since they are not receiving the kits and therefore cannot distribute them in the province.

Rubén is struck by the fact that this situation was not foreseen, when they increased the price of the test kits from the laboratory where he works, they made the corresponding request, but neither did the amount that they had requested, only one or two boxes.

“These things could have been foreseen with a little more time, what happens is that the evolution and the explosion that it had in the last days of December and the first days of January was terrible”Reuben confesses.

The reagents used to do these tests that detect the coronavirus are from foreign laboratories from the United States and Germany, among others. Without this fundamental component, the tests cannot be carried out, which is why measures have been taken to protect them for cases of people who do not have positive close contact, older adults.

In the case of private laboratories The tests are carried out by people who need it to go on a trip or because they live with people who have pre-existing diseases and want to know if they are infected.

The self-test option in Mendoza

Given the lack of supplies to test, the ANMAT announced more than a week ago that the sale of self-tests for Covid-19 in the country would be authorized. The artifacts have not yet arrived in the country and neither in Mendoza.

According to the statements of Federico Böhm, the CEO of the Mendoza Pharmaceutical Cooperative, As of the end of January, self-tests would begin to be marketed in pharmacies. This is because the laboratories approved by the national entity should adapt their instructions for use in our language.

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