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Mexico registered this Sunday 99 new deaths from covid-19 for a total of 292,471 confirmed, in addition to another 1,225 cases to reach 3,863,362 detected, according to the Ministry of Health.

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Mexico remains the fourth country with the most deaths from covid-19, behind the United States, Brazil and India, and the fifteenth in number of confirmed infections, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

The week opened with a 17% reduction in the number of estimated cases compared to the previous week, according to the daily technical statement.

The country has spun 16 consecutive weeks of decline in infections after a third wave that reached its peak between July and August.

Even so, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, acknowledged this weekend that “there are small signs of a fourth wave.”

The health authorities recognize that, based on the death certificates, the pandemic would be around 440,000 deaths in the country and estimate that Mexico actually accumulates 4,084,856 infections.

Of this number, 19,654 are active cases, which have presented symptoms during the last 14 days and account for 0.5% of the total.

In addition, 3,224,604 people have recovered since the start of the pandemic.

The average occupancy of general beds in Mexican hospitals remained for the second consecutive day at 17% and that of intensive care beds at 14%.

Regarding deaths, Mexico City, the focus of the pandemic, accumulates about 18% of all deaths nationwide.


The authorities also indicated that the vaccination program, which includes all those over 18 years of age, accumulates more than 130.9 million doses applied, adding 185,842 during the last day.

So far, 75.8 million people have at least one dose and almost 64.25 million have completed the vaccination scheme, that is to say just over half of its 126 million inhabitants.

The Mexican government announced last Tuesday that it will vaccinate adolescents between 15 and 17 years old against COVID-19, even if they do not have comorbidities, after months of resisting inoculating minors in a generalized way.

Since the end of December 2020, more than 167.9 million doses of the American vaccines from Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna, Britain’s AstraZeneca, Russia’s Sputnik V, and China’s CanSino and Sinovac have arrived in Mexico.

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