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Moscow, October 13, 2021Updated on 10/13/2021 09:03 am

The developers of the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 Sputnik Light, a single dose, assured today that the preparation has an efficacy of 70% against the delta variant of the coronavirus three months after inoculation. In addition, they point out that it would be more than 75% effective among the population under 60 years of age.

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The Gamaleya Center, which developed the vaccine, and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (FIDR), which markets Russian preparations abroad, explained that this data was published on the medRxiv website.

The FIDR and the Gamaleya Center ensure that the effectiveness of the Sputnik Light “It is superior compared to some two-dose vaccines, which have shown a significant decrease in efficacy – down to below 50% – against the delta variant five months after injection.”

The analysis also shows, always according to the Russian authorities, an efficiency greater than 75% among the population under 60 years of age.

The Russian analysis is based on comparative data from 28,000 people who received the single-dose versus a control group of 5.6 million citizens who were not vaccinated.

The developers also affirm that the efficacy of the vaccine as a booster dose of other vaccines against the delta variant is close to that of the preparation Sputnik V -of two doses-, that is, 83% to avoid infection of the coronavirus and more than 94% to prevent hospitalization.

Currently, studies are underway on the combination of Sputnik Light with preparations from other producers in Russia, Argentina, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates

The single-dose preparation has been authorized so far in about 15 countries and will be produced in more than ten countries (China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Argentina, Serbia and Turkey, among others).

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