Coronavirus UK news update – Cases and deaths PLUNGE all over England ahead of lockdown lift as Scotland unveils roadmap


Piers Morgan today slammed Anthea Turner for breaching lockdown after her “outrageous, scornful attack” on overweight people.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, slammed the presenter following The Sun’s story that she breached Covid rules by hosting a secret pamper party for at least five pals at her apartment.

He fumed: “Well, how does that sit, Anthea Turner, with your outrageous, scornful attack on overweight people for not doing their bit to protect the NHS? You know what, [the party] wasn’t work and it didn’t protect the NHS, did it?”

The gathering came after Anthea, 60, shared a cartoon online that appeared to blame the obese for the health crisis.

Speaking about the incident on today’s GMB, Piers added: “What we could see less of is people like Anthea Turner, who decided for reasons that completely baffle me… suddenly pops up last week attacking overweight people and actually attacked with a caricature of somebody actually in a mobility scooter.”

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