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The global cases of coronavirus In the week between September 6 and 12, they were 3.9 million, which represents a drop of thirteen percent compared to the previous seven days, the first significant decrease recorded in two months of the Delta variant boom.

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As the statistics of the World Health Organization show today (WHO), and also atypically, there were decreases in cases in all regions of the planet, especially in America, with a 17% drop in cases (1.4 million), in South Asia (-16%) and in Africa and the Middle East (-15%).

In Europe, which after America is the second region with the most cases, these fell by 5% and last week they were 1.1 million, while in East Asia the drop was 8%, with less than half a million cases.

USA it remains the country with the most weekly cases registered (one million last week), followed by the United Kingdom (256,000), India (248,000), Iran (172,000) and Turkey (158,000).

In the accumulated since the beginning of the pandemic, global cases amount to 225 million, of which 86 million were registered in America, 67 million in Europe and 42 million in South Asia, the three areas hardest hit by the COVID-19.

Deaths from COVID-19 in the same period also fell globally, by 7%, and in absolute figures they were more than 62,000, so the total since the beginning of the health crisis exceeds 4.6 million deaths (2, 1 million in America and 1.2 million in Europe).

By region, the 20% drop in the number of deaths each week in South Asia (8,900 in the seven days studied) is striking, although increases were still recorded in Africa (7%) and East Asia (2%).

Regarding the vaccination campaign, more than 5,700 million doses have already been administered in the world against the COVID-19, at a current rate of 33 million per day, and more than 40% of the global population has received at least one, although this percentage does not reach 2% in low-income countries, according to figures from health networks.

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