Councilor who spoke against Bahia suffers impeachment requests

Councilman Sandro Fantinel, who is being investigated for xenophobic speeches against Bahian victims of work analogous to slavery, has had two requests for impeachment in the Chamber of Councilors of Caxias do Sul, in the Serra do RS, where he operates.

According to g1, the first request came from the former deputy mayor of the city, Ricardo Fabris de Abreu, this Wednesday morning, and should be voted on this Thursday (2).

In the request, Fabris says that “Caxias do Sul and Rio Grande do Sul are now a national shame, accused of being racist, extremist and xenophobic places”. He also claims that the councilor transformed the Chamber of Councilors into “a chamber of horrors, with the tribune serving as a riding arena”.

The other request came from the Defenders of the State of Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia. In the document, the defenders ask that “the councilor be notified to present his defense and that, in the end, after analyzing the merits, the revocation of the mandate be determined, in view of the conduct that constitutes a violation of parliamentary decorum and typified as a crime of racism in Federal Law No. 7.716/89, as well as, under the terms of the relevant legislation in force”.


In a speech at the Caxias do Sul City Council, on February 28, Fantinel said that entrepreneurs in the grape and wine sector should no longer hire “those people from above”, in reference to the workers in Bahia who were rescued in the wineries .

The councilor also defended the hiring of Argentines who, according to him, would be clean, hardworking, correct, work on time, keep the house clean and on the day they leave they thank the boss. Fantinel completed by saying that the only culture that Bahians have is living on the beach playing drums and, therefore, it would be normal for people to have this type of problem.

For the Labor attorney and deputy national coordinator for the eradication of Slave Labor at the MPT, who is investigating the case, Italvar Medina, the councilor’s speech “unduly minimizes the extreme gravity of contemporary slavery, seeks to blame the victims themselves for the wrongs suffered , has prejudiced content and, to make matters worse, encourages discrimination in labor relations, in violation of the Constitution of the Republic, legislation and international commitments assumed by Brazil”.

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