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Rose Giuliani said that high-income taxpayers do not pay on time to take advantage of Refis discounts

By Adriel Mattos | 15/09/2021 15:33

Rio Brilhante councilor Rose Giuliani (PSD) became the pivot of a controversy this week in the city in the southern region of the state and 163 km away from the capital. In the session on Monday (13), she urged the population not to pay taxes.

Rose asked to speak during the session to debate the project of the municipal program for the renegotiation of tax debts, better known as Refis do IPTU (Imposto Predial e Territorial Urbano). For her, there are taxpayers who no longer pay taxes to take advantage of benefits such as discounts.

“It’s a good thing and it will help me. In my understanding, I give a piece of advice to the population: don’t pay your taxes. Go there, invest in savings and four years from now it will have it again”, he fired.

The congressman also stated that taxpayers from the higher social classes do not pay taxes to join Refis. “There are a lot of rascals who are going to use Refis that have not paid since 2017. This is the advice I give to those who are saving their money to pay now. Because the ‘big guy’ has money and used it for something else. So I want the name of the person who used this Refis because I’m going to share it now”, he concluded.

Reaction – Mayor Lucas Foroni (MDB) sent an official letter to the Casa de Leis requesting a copy of the minutes of the session and the audio recording. Campo Grande News was unable to contact the emedebist.

The report could not find Councilwoman Rose Giuliani to comment on her statement. The space remains open for both.

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