Burial of a covid-19 victim in Campo Grande.  (Photo: Kísie Ainoã)
Burial of a covid-19 victim in Campo Grande. (Photo: Kísie Ainoã)

The municipal and state health secretariats registered, in 24 hours, 5,126 cases of covid-19 and 72 deaths resulting from complications associated with the disease. The data are in the daily update of the Ministry of Health, released this Sunday (21).Campo Grande News - Real ContentCampo Grande News - Real Content

With that, the number of lives lost to the pandemic reached 612,659. There are still 2,857 deaths under investigation, which is due to the fact that there are cases in which the patient died, but investigation into the cause requires further examinations and procedures.

With the new cases registered, the number of people who contracted covid-19 to date has reached 22,017,276. 182,585 cases of people who had confirmed covid-19 are being followed up. As of this Sunday, 21,222,032 people have already recovered from covid-19.

The numbers are generally lower on Sundays, Mondays and on the days following holidays because of the reduction of staff to feed the data. On Tuesdays and two days after holidays, there are usually more daily logs per data rollup update.


According to the balance of the Ministry of Health, the state with the most deaths by covid-19, so far, is São Paulo (153,472), followed by Rio de Janeiro (68,837), Minas Gerais (56,042), Paraná (40,750) and Rio Grande do Sul (35,943).

The states with the fewest deaths resulting from the disease are Acre (1845), Amapá (1996), Roraima (2042), Tocantins (3,908) and Sergipe (6,040).

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