Covid-19 in Tierra del Fuego: coronavirus cases and vaccination as of January 13

The pandemic of Covid It has been going on for more than two years, and the provinces of Argentina are going through different realities as new mutations of the virus appear and the vaccination plan in the country advances. On this day, January 13, in Tierra del Fuego there were 452 new cases of Covid-19 patients and 513 deaths, as detailed by health authorities.

To the date, Tierra del Fuego accumulates a total of 36,930 infected by coronavirus and 513 deaths.

Tierra del Fuego is ranked 24th in the provinces, according to the number of people infected by coronavirus. The list of the top ten is made up as follows:
Buenos Aires (2.611.507); Córdoba (740.097); CABA (732.959); Santa Fe (581.499); Tucuman (262.434); Mendoza (206.531); Between rivers (159.387); Neuquen (139.387); Chaco (124.833); Jump (124.763).

Covid 19 vaccination in Tierra del Fuego as of January 13

The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Tierra del Fuego reaches a total of 331,574 doses applied as of January 13. Of that number, 154,580 people received one dose, while 139,059 already have both doses. From these numbers of applications, it can be deduced that 89.13% of the district’s population received the first vaccine, while 80.18% already have both doses. In addition, 21.87% by the way already have a reinforcement.

Regarding the level of immunization of the population, Tierra del Fuego is in position 7, with 331,574 doses applied. The list of the first 10 districts is made up as follows: Santiago del Estero (1.943.125); Catamarca (784.220); CABA (6.312.697); Formosa (1.346.641); The Pampa (775.568); The Rioja (763.965); Land of Fire (331.574); Black river (1.427.971); Santa Fe (6.587.736); saint Louis (996.887).

If the population density is considered, the percentage with two doses shown by Tierra del Fuego places the district in 8th place in the national ranking. This list is headed by these jurisdictions: CABA (86.51%) ; The Pampa (86.15%) ; Santiago del Estero (85.66%) ; saint Louis (82.29%) ; Catamarca (81.82%) ; Santa Fe (80.85%) ; Formosa (80.51%) ; Land of Fire (80.18%) ; The Rioja (80.15%) ; Black river (77.48%) .

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