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At least 12,211 children up to six years old have been orphaned by one of their parents because of covid-19 in Brazil, according to data collected by the National Association of Natural Persons Registrars (Arpen-Brasil). Data were collected between March 16, 2020 and September 24 this year.

According to the survey, 25.6% of children up to six years old who lost a parent in the covid-19 pandemic had not completed one year of life. The registries also found that: 18.2% were already one year old when the death of a parent happened; 18.2% were two years old; 14.5% completed three years; 11.4% were four years old; 7.8% were five years old; and 2.5% were six years old.

In addition, 223 parents died before their children were born. It was also possible to account that 64 children, up to the age of six, lost both their father and mother as victims of covid-19 in the country.

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At least 12 thousand children have lost a parent as a result of covid-19 in Brazil (Image: Reproduction/Twenty20photos/Envato Elements)

Among the states, São Paulo, Goiás, Rio de Janeiro, Ceará and Paraná were the ones that registered the most deaths of parents with children in this age group. In São Paulo, at least 3,836 children up to six years old were orphaned by one of their parents because of covid-19.

How was the calculation of covid-19 done by the registries?

As explained by Arpen-Brasil, the data on the bodies of covid-19 were collected based on the crossing between the CPFs of the parents in the birth and death records made in the 7,645 civil registry offices in the country since 2015, the year in which the Units began issuing the document directly on the birth certificates of newborn children throughout the country.

“The registry database has constantly helped public authorities, laboratories and research institutes to measure the size of covid-19 in our country and the fact that we have this partnership with the Federal Revenue to issue the CPF on the certificate of birth of newborns allowed us to reach this partial number, but already impressive”, explained the president of Arpen-Brasil, Gustavo Renato Fiscarelli.

Source: Agência Brasil

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