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Lima, September 24, 2021Updated on 09/24/2021 04:33 pm

The COVID-19 It may seem like a cold over time because viruses tend to get weaker as they spread through the population, according to Sarah Gilbert, the Oxford University scientist who developed the vaccine. AstraZeneca.

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“We normally see that viruses become less virulent as they circulate more easily and there is no reason to think that we have a more virulent version of Sars-CoV-2.”Gilbert said last night at a Royal Society of Medicine webinar.

According to her, the population will develop immunity as happens with other seasonal coronaviruses, which cause colds. “Eventually, Sars-CoV-2 will be one of those“, said.

In the same sense he referred this Thursday John Bell, prestigious professor of medicine at the University of Oxford.

Speaking to the station “Times Radio”, Bell said that the United Kingdom will have overcome “the worst” by next spring and things “They should be fine” once winter is over.

“If you look at the current trajectory (of the pandemic), we are much better than six months ago. So the pressure on the NHS (British Public Healthcare) has largely abated. If you look at the deaths from COVID, they tend to be of very old people, and it is not totally clear that COVID was the cause of all those deaths”Added Bell, a Canadian-born immunologist and geneticist.

“So I think the worst is over”, Bell insisted, who considered it important not to feel “panic” about the current cases because once the winter is over, things “will be fine.”

According to the latest official figures, the United Kingdom yesterday registered another 34,460 infections and reported 166 new deaths.

In relation to the spread of COVID-19 among schoolchildren, expert Neil Ferguson, from Imperial College London, told the media today that the country is not registering a rapid increase in cases associated with the beginning of the educational cycle.

“We are seeing increases in infections in school-age children, but it has not spread to the general population.”Ferguson opined, while admitting that the challenge will come with the onset of fall and winter as people will be gathering indoors.

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COVID: people with symptoms can take free molecular tests at health centers

COVID: people with symptoms can take free molecular tests at health centers
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