COVID: Andrés Vaca was infected: 'Despite having vaccines, I had horrible days'

CDMX.- Through his Twitter account, the TUDN chronicler, Andres Vaca, revealed that he was infected with COVID-19 and despite having two doses, the commenter noted that he had “horrible days.”

Andres Vaca He detailed that he had a bad time for 14 days and already received a negative result for COVID-19.

Despite having the two vaccines, I had horrible days, but we are already at 100 ”, wrote Andrés Vaca.

The TUDN chronicler He explained that between the seventh and eighth day, when he felt good, he exercised, but it was not positive, since he relapsed and it got worse.

Take care of everyone. This roll is very hard, “concluded Vaca.

In September 2021, the driver Erika fernandez He also detailed that, although he had already been vaccinated on two occasions, he gave him COVID-19.

In recent days, Andrés Vaca’s partner, Damien ‘Russian’ Zamogilny He also said that he was infected with COVID-19.

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