Covid Celaya: Diocese will maintain 75% capacity in temples and patron saint festivities

Celaya, Guanajuto.- The capacity in churches, temples and festivities will remain at 75%, even with the change of the traffic light epidemiological, which is already green, informed Víctor Alejandro Aguilar Ledesma, bishop of the Diocese of Celaya.

“With this change in traffic light, which is the one that regulates the capacity, the capacity of 75% is allowed, with the change, but it does not mean that the measures, precautions and sanitary indications are not followed, such as the use of a mask, gel, greeting, and others that we maintain ”, commented the Bishop.

These measures will continue to be applied also in outdoor events, and mass events will not be held either. He stressed that the health teams will continue to carry out their work.

“When reading the news, one knows that the infections are decreasing, now that we are beginning the climate change, one thinks that there may be a rebound due to the cold, the air, but it has been maintained; there will always be infections, as it is an endemic disease, and that is why we should not lower our guard ”, he stressed.

“If the temple is very small, let the celebration be held outside, make it more spacious or ventilated, if they do a procession, that people do not line up, that they see it from their house, their window, and if there will be people outside, who carry the saint, with horns (…), look for ways to take care of us ”, he concluded.

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