COVID Guanajuato today the latest news about infections, vaccines and vaccination certificates this October 24

Guanajuato – This Sunday they were confirmed 370 new infections of COVID-19 and the death of 13 people more for the same cause, among them a woman in her twenties in San Miguel de Allende that she was not vaccinated but did not have any other disease.

Of the list of deceased persons, only two of them were vaccinated against the COVID.

This was reported by the Guanajuato Health Secretariat (SSG) in their daily pandemic report, where they indicated that new cases were tracked in 20 municipalities, most in León with 143 infections, followed by Celaya with 53 cases and Irapuato with another 40 cases.

Of the deaths, three were reported in León and another three in Irapuato, in Acámbaro, Celaya, Cortazar, Salamanca, Salvatierra, San Miguel de Allende and Valle de Santiago one death was reported.

Patients aged 22 to 89 die from COVID in Guanajuato

The age of the deceased varied between 22 and 89 years; It should be noted that three of the victims had their complete vaccination schedule antiCOVID.

With today’s figures, the accumulated infections in Guanajuato There are already 187 thousand 90 people infected and 12 thousand 879 deaths from this virus.

There are 3,669 potentially contagious people from COVID

The state agency also indicated that active cases of the virus, (potentially contagious people), are 3,669 active, but there are also another 590 suspected cases under investigation.

As for those hospitalized for COVID, the agency reported 204 patients, of which 59 are in critical condition or intubated, 130 serious and 15 stable.

The percentage of hospital occupancy in the state is 24.2%, so there are 369 occupied beds and 1,150 available.

In León, 4,212 people have died from this virus and another 60,407 have been infected since the pandemic began. Today three deaths and 143 positive cases of the virus were reported in the municipality.


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