COVID in Guanajuato: They fear absenteeism in the health sector due to an increase in infections

Leon, Guanajuato.- The general director of the High Specialty Regional Hospital of Bajío (HRAEB), located in Lion, the doctor Juan Luis Mosqueda Gomez, alerted that a problem with the entrance of the Omicron variant and the large number of infections in such a short time, is absenteeism from work and even from health personnel.

“This generates work absenteeism, more and more people are coming to hospitals. An imbalance is generated between those who seek care and those who provide care; health personnel are getting sick. We will have to cancel surgeries and other services. The impact goes far beyond the seriousness of the cases”, he explained during a conference on “What to do in this new wave?”.

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He mentioned that although the wave of infections is vertiginous, it is not reflected in the number of deaths as it happened with the Delta variant and others.

However, the risk is not only in deaths and hospitalizations, but in general absenteeism.

“Everything has changed because many people are already vaccinated, with a complete schedule, and that has helped a lot. But this is not the time to be overconfident even if it is a milder variant, ”said the specialist.

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COVID in Guanajuato: They ask to respect recommended times to get vaccinated

He also asked to apply the vaccines as determined by the authorities, since there are people who have been vaccinated up to six times and with different brands.

“I know of a teacher who told me that he received the first Cansino vaccine, and then because of his age he traveled to the United States, he applied the two doses of Pfizer and finally the second for Moderna teachers, and he asked me if he was okay. I think nothing is going to happen to him, but this is already a mess, “said the doctor.

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He pointed out that it is safe to make combinations of vaccines, but respecting the times.

“The doses have to be time-separated, for example the Pfizer 18 or 21 days after applying the first one; applying it in a short time does not work”.

He added at the conference that many yearn for the end of the pandemic, but this is going to take a long time, “and it is quite an issue, with a lot of doubts.”


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