COVID in León: Doctor sees 10 patients in one day with suspected symptoms of Coronavirus

Lion.- In his office the doctor Carlos Zamora Perez sees an average of 10 to 15 patients daily with respiratory symptoms.

“The attentions are variable but on average it has increased a lot that most of them present this picture of symptoms,” said the doctor in his office on Boulevard Hermanos Aldama.

Regarding the Ómicron variant, he said that it can be distinguished more like a flu picture.

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“With the coronavirus, the loss of smell and taste occurred in many cases, which made it easier to distinguish, but now it is flu that makes the patient suspicious so that they go for the test,” he explained.

He stressed that the patients he has treated and who have their vaccines are less affected.

“Based on my experience with my patients, I could say that those who arrive at my office sickest are those who have not been vaccinated, so it is important that they go to get vaccinated,” added the doctor.


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