COVID: Several countries in the world are on alert after the appearance of the new South African variant of the name omicron, Holland and Australia confirmed the appearance of infections of 13 and 2 respectively. Health authorities turn on the red lights.

Nations around the world are imposing restrictions to curb the spread of the variant. Israel decided on Sunday to ban foreign nationals, the most radical measure so far.

Confirmed or suspected cases of the new variant have already emerged in several European countries, in Israel and Hong Kong, just days after it was identified by researchers in South Africa. The “act first, ask later” approach reflected growing alarm about the emergence of a potentially more contagious variant almost two years after the outbreak of the disease. COVID pandemic It has killed more than 5 million people, disrupted lives and economies around the world.

While much remains to be learned about new variant, researchers are concerned that it may be more resistant to the protection provided by vaccines and could mean that the pandemic will last longer than anticipated.

On Holland, health authorities confirmed that so far 13 people who arrived on flights from South Africa on Friday have tested positive for omicron. They were among 61 people who tested positive for the virus on Friday after arriving on the last two flights to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport before a flight ban was put in place for southern African countries. They were immediately isolated, most at a nearby hotel, while sequencing was taking place.

As the world faces the appearance of a new variant of coronavirus highly transmissible, concerned scientists from South Africa, where the omicronThey try to combat its blazing spread throughout the country.

In several areas of South Africa it is difficult to leave the country.

In just two weeks, the omicron variant has pushed South Africa from a period of low transmission to one of rapid increase in new confirmed cases. Figures in the country remain relatively low, with 2,828 new infections reported on Friday, but the speed with which the new variant infects the youngest has alarmed health professionals.

We are seeing a marked change in the demographic profile of COVID-19 patients, ”said Rudo Mathivha, director of the intensive care unit at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, at an online press conference.

“Young people, from their 20s to almost 40, come with a moderate to severe condition, and some need intensive care. About 65% They are not vaccinated and of the others, most have only one dose, ”added Mathivha. “I am concerned that as these numbers increase, public health centers will overflow.”


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