COVID PCR test costs one week of minimum wage in Guanajuato

Guanajuato.- A PCR test to detect the COVID It is worth what 513 thousand Guanajuatenses earn in a week.

This test goes from 950 on sites like Dignified Health, up to 2 thousand pesos in private laboratories of other brands.

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In the entity, 513 thousand people receive a minimum wage as income, as of this year the value increased to 172.87 pesos per day. A week this amount adds up to 1,296 pesos.

A person with this income would have to allocate 73% of their weekly salary, that is, paying the test would keep 347 pesos, a scenario that becomes complicated since a person has additional expenses.

COVID in Guanajuato: PCR test price has dropped

Two years after the pandemic began, PCR tests to detect COVID they have reduced their price by becoming more common and even so for many people it is not accessible.

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In 2021 the PCR tests to detect COVID in private laboratories they were around 3 thousand pesos, currently one thousand pesos were reduced on average with what they are now at 2 thousand pesos.

This same thing happened in Dignified Health that while in 2020 the tests were in one thousand pesos, they are currently marketed in 950 according to the company’s page.

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