There was a slight drop in cases compared to the previous Saturday, find out the detail here.

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a new report on the current situation of the pandemic in Chile, was published this November 27 by the Ministry of Health that reported a slight drop in Covid cases, 29 less than the previous Saturday.

A positivity of 3.28% at the country level and 2% in the Metropolitan Region, lamenting the death of 37 people due to the virus. Highlighting that the active cases are 14,448 to date.

There are currently 50 health residences and in terms of hospitalization, a total occupancy of 90% is registered with 200 beds available throughout the national territory.

As reported by the authorities, large percentage of people hospitalized in ICU are not vaccinated or they have not completed their vaccination schedule, which increases the severity.

The vaccination plan in Chile continues this week, with general immunization days, third dose for those vaccinated with Sinovac on certain dates and vaccination for schoolchildren is added.

Next, we tell you the details of the pandemic in Chile.

How many cases of Covid are there this November 27 in Chile?

This Saturday the Ministry of Health reported 2,667 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, of them 1,759 have symptoms, 640 are asymptomatic and 268 are unreported.

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