Covid Safe Ticket fraud even in vaccination centers: "They will potentially trigger a giant cluster"

These latest attempts have been observed even inside the vaccination centers. Several techniques have been implemented by fraudsters.

Some candidates for vaccination check in at the start and go straight into the waiting room without going through the booths where they must be vaccinated. Quickly unmasked by the centers, others have developed new tips.

“Another possibility is people who simply bribe a nurse to certify their vaccination without having been vaccinated”, underlines Dominique Henrion, Covid coordinator for Namur doctors at the microphone of RTL TVI.

The latest ploy was discovered in the Bouge vaccination center, near Namur. “When we want to vaccinate them, they ask to go out, to go to the toilet, to go to phone… And then, they don’t come back hoping that they are registered without having received the dose “, indicates Frédéric Müller, director of the vaccination center at the Saint-Luc clinic in Bouge.

According to Dominique Henrion, Covid coordinator for Namur doctors, these behaviors can put many people at risk.

If they are not really vaccinated and they catch the Covid, the care will not be adapted at all. Then, at the level of the Covid Safe Ticket, unvaccinated people who will present a fake Covid Safe Ticket, if they are contaminated, will potentially trigger a giant cluster “, he explains to our colleagues at RTL.

These facts were reported to the prosecution. Fraudsters will be prosecuted for computer forgery. They could risk six months to five years in prison with a fine of up to 800,000 euros.

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