COVID vaccine in Guanajuato: Vaccinate children and adolescents depends on availability and distribution

Leon, Guanajuato.- The vaccination of children and adolescents against COVID in Mexico depends on the availability and distribution of vaccines to the States, opined the infectologist Alejandro Macías who pointed out that this should be decentralized.

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In addition, he considered that As long as there is no total vaccination coverage for people over 18 years of age, it is better to wait for this population to be immunized with at least the first dose before starting immunization in children and adolescents later.

You definitely have to vaccinate them, now if the question is, do you have to vaccinate them at this time? I would say that it depends on the availability of the vaccine. If someone who has money and the possibility of taking their children to vaccinate in the United States is money well spent. “

“Now as public health in Mexico that depends on the vaccine that exists, the ideal is that if we had enough vaccine we would already be vaccinating all of them,” he said.

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He added that for this it is possible It is necessary to decentralize COVID vaccination and allow entities that vaccinate faster to have access to more vaccines.

Vaccinate children and adolescents against COVID, Guanajuato has no problem applying doses

In this sense, he regretted that Guanajuato is not in the first places at the national level in the COVID vaccination rate, since in the entity there has never been any difficulty in applying vaccines.

Guanajuato is a place where people do not put buts about vaccines, you put a table and people line up to get vaccinated wherever they want, here in Guanajuato there has never been any difficulty in giving vaccines. “

And yet Guanajuato does not lead the national statistics of vaccination rates, I have wondered, because you cannot give a vaccine that does not arrive, if they send us a vaccine we will finish it quickly, “he mentioned.

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Finally, he reiterated that Vaccination must be decentralized and the vaccine sent to the States that apply it quickly.

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