Crazy Gerard Butler action and 23 other films and series

After Netflix brought a flood of new films and series into the New Year’s program last week, the number of newcomers this week is not that great. Thanks to Gerard Butler’s new actioner and many fresh series, you won’t be bored anyway.

Now on Netflix: The new action thriller with Gerard Butler lets it crash

You have to decide for yourself whether Gerard Butler plays a psychopath, a professional killer or both at the same time in Copshop. With the new film from Boss Level director Joe Carnahan, in which Frank Grillo should not be missing again, one thing is guaranteed in any case: a lot of action.

Copshop – Trailer (English) HD


If you’ve missed shootouts, explosions, and loads of riot in your life, don’t miss out on Copshop’s action this weekend on Netflix.

New to Netflix: New horror series for puzzle friends

Netflix’s new horror series Archive 81 seduces you as a mix of dark and fringe in found footage abysses that were produced by none other than conjuring master James Wan and want to sneak under your skin as a mystery horror.

Archive 81 – S01 Trailer (English) HD


For horror fans there is also the purchased series Slasher, the sci-fi horror film Vivarium with Jesse Eisenberg and the eerie stop-motion excursion The House does not seem to be the children’s film when it first appears.

All the new movies on Netflix this week

All new series on Netflix this week

As always, other films and series that Netflix has not announced in advance may be added to this list over the course of the weekend.

Netflix masterpiece or disaster? The podcast for Don’t Look Up

Adam McKay’s climate change satire Don’t Look Up hit Netflix last month and has been divisive ever since. Opinions differ widely as to whether the film was a success. Lisa and Hendrik took a closer look at this as a phenomenon.

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Which Netflix series or which film are you on your list for this weekend?

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