“Creed III”: Why isn’t Sylvester Stallone there?

Bitter Stallone deals out to Irwin Winkler

The actor shared a cartoon on Instagram, in which Winkler is seen with the body of a snake and with a sword for a tongue. This post has since been deleted. “A most flattering portrayal of the great ‘Rocky’https://www.film.at/”Creed’ producer Irwin Winkler,” Stallone captioned his post before hitting out at Winkler.

“By the way, having controlled Rocky for 47 years and now Creed, I’d really like to have at least a little bit of what’s left of my rights back before you just pass it on to your kids,” he said “Rocky” actor. So it’s all about money again: In his opinion, Stallone should earn more from the franchise and feels betrayed by Winkler.

This topic is “painful” for the Hollywood star, it would “eat his soul,” said Stallone. He really wanted to be able to pass on part of “Rocky” to his children.

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