A CPI for history - 10/22/2021 - Cristina Serra

Millions of young Brazilians start the ENEM exams this weekend in search of a place in higher education, a dream that the Bolsonaro government has taken pains to make more and more difficult to achieve.

There are many problems this year: request for the dismissal of 37 Inep employees (responsible for the examination), allegations of moral harassment and ideological censorship and the near confession of a crime, when Bolsonaro said that the evidence began to have “the face of government”.

All of this fosters distrust and creates an environment of uncertainty for students, especially those already so sacrificed by the deepening of inequalities in two years of pandemic and remote classes.

What happens to Enem is not an isolated accident. It is part of a project to demolish hopes, clearly expressed by the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro: “University, in fact, should be for a few”. Among these few is not the porter’s son, Paulo Guedes would complete.

Articulated and complementary policies, such as Enem, Prouni, Sisu, Fies and quotas (social and racial), allow for a fairer selection of vacancies and give students the conditions to complete their graduation. This transformed universities, made them more like Brazil. It is no other reason why pocketnarism tries to squander this set of initiatives and, along with it, the aspirations of so many young men and women who have a chance of social ascension in higher education.

The crime against education goes beyond the Enem. An article by Thais Carrança, on BBC Brasil, shows a wrenching reality in elementary schools in poor neighborhoods. According to the teachers, more and more children are passing out from hunger in the classroom. For all this, or despite all this, I leave a request to the young people who will take the Enem: don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on yourselves, don’t give up on us. This bad time will pass. Good tests and good luck!

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