Crime of Lucas González: the only witness assured the Justice that the police officers never identified themselves and provided a video

The only witness to the crime of Lucas González, who was walking his dog when the footballer and his three friends were intercepted by three policemen in Barracas, assured justice that the agents never identified themselves, that he thought they were robbers and saw when one of them shot at the boys.

The man also contributed a video that he made with his own cell phone 20 minutes after hearing the shots, when he approached the scene and saw two of Lucas’s friends arrested and the police around him.

The neighbor testified on Tuesday before prosecutors Leonel Gómez Barbella and Andrés Heim, before whom he gave a detailed account of what he saw around 9:30 on November 17 while walking his dog through the Leonardo Pereyra Park, in Barracks.

According to the story, he observed from about 60 or 70 meters the moment in which three people -who later learned were policemen- got out of a car with black vests “without any type of identification” and went towards the occupants of another vehicle, which made him think they were “thieves”.

When promptly consulted about these people, the witness assured that he did not hear “high police” shouting, no sirens, or whistles. Although he did hear shots fired by one of them, who was a few meters from the passenger side of the victims’ car, where Lucas was sitting.

Based on what has been reconstructed so far, that policeman would be Inspector Gabriel Isassi, detained and charged along with Major Officer Fabián López and Officer José Nievas, all belonging to the Summary Division and Brigade of Comuna 4 of the City Police from Buenos Aires.

The neighbor’s sayings coincide with what the three boys who survived the event declared in the case, and completely contradict the versions provided in their inquiries by the accused.

The officers said that they identified themselves with the voice of “high police”, that they wore identification vests and that they sounded the siren of the Brigade’s car. This was driven, always according to the version of the agents, by Nievas and had Isassi as a companion and López in the back seat.

To find out which weapon came the bullet that hit Lucas and caused his death, prosecutors await for the next few days the results of the tests and comparisons between the 9-mm caliber pistols seized from the police and a lead extracted from the head of the victim.

In turn, and in order to establish the sequence of events, judicial officials plan to carry out a reconstruction at the scene of the event, as requested by the boys’ parents through their lawyer, Gregorio Dalbón.

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