Cristian is 5th eliminated from the spotlight with 48.32% of the votes

Cristian got the worst of it and became the fifth eliminated from ‘Big Brother Brasil 23’. The crossfiteiro was eliminated with 48.32% of the votes after facing the wall with Ricardo and Fred (Desimpedidos). After Cristian’s elimination, the ‘BBB 23’ prize has increased and now stands at R$1,890,000.

“For those who leave today, I can speak with conviction. What took you out of the game was fear”, said the presenter of the TV Globo reality show, Tadeu Schmidt during the elimination speech.

Understand how the conflict was formed:

Owner of the Angel Necklace, Ricardo immunized MC Guimê. Next, the leader of the week, Cezar Black nominated Ricardo. According to the Bahian, the monster’s punishment was a crucial factor for the nomination.

“I really wanted to understand what motivated him to do this. Whether it was just for the sake of honor or the pleasure of taking my moment. I was very sad that it was something I worked so hard to achieve. I thought it was very cruel, that’s why my vote was for him.”explained the nurse.

With 10 votes, Cristian was chosen by the house to be part of the spotlight. Walled up since the leader’s last test, Fred used the counterattack on Domitila Barros, who was saved in the Bate-Volta Test.

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