COVID-19 outbreak decimates Premier League schedule

Currently 7th in the Premier League, eleven points from the podium, the Manchester United should set yourself a goal to finish Among the first three classified, his great star, the Portuguese, claimed this Thursday Cristiano Ronaldo, in an interview with the Sky Sports channel.

Manchester United should win the championship, or to finish second or third. I cannot imagine any other classification “for the club, declared the Portuguese.

“In my heart, I do not accept that our mentality leads us to think of anything other than to finish in the top three of the Premier League“he added.

With 31 points from 19 games, the United is eleven points away from Liverpool, currently third placed and who has played one more game than the ‘Red Devils’, and 12 from Chelsea, second (with two more games).

Since the arrival on the bench of the German Ralf Rangnick, replacing the Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the end of November, the United has won 13 points out of a possible 18, but the 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford against the Wolverhampton, in the last day, has stopped the streak and rekindled doubts about the team.

And moving forward, the five-time winner of the Golden Ball calls for radical measures: “I think that, sometimes, to build something, you have to destroy certain things.”

“New year, new life. I hope the Manchester live up to what people expect, especially his fans. We are capable of changing things now, “he assured.

“Genetically speaking, I’m not going to say that I feel like when I was 25, I won’t go that far, but I do feel like when I was 30. I take care of my mind and my body” Cristiano Ronaldo Player

“I don’t want to be in a club to fight for sixth or seventh place. I’m here to try to win and be competitive. I think that if we change our mentality we can do great things,” insisted CR7, who demanded patience with the new coach : “Since he arrived he has improved in some points, but he needs time.”

Ronaldo did not play last Monday the match against West Ham in the FA Cup (1-0 victory) due to an injury: “I will try to train normally this Thursday. We will see how the body reacts, but I am confident. fingers, “he confessed to the club’s television.

“I know my body one hundred percent. I am mature, and the experience has given me the possibility to understand my mind, my body and everything that surrounds football. It is good, because I am a different person, a different player (to whom it was when I came to the club when I was younger), but the ambition remains the same. I want to play and help the team, “he added.

In another interview with the Brazilian channel ESPN Brasil, Ronaldo (36 years old) refused to set a date for his retirement and assured that he can still play in the elite for another four seasons: “If I can play until 40, 41 or 42? The most important thing is to do my best now.”

“Genetically speaking, I am not going to say that I feel like when I was 25, I will not go that far, but I do like when I was 30. I take care of my mind and my body,” he added.

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