Cristina Kirchner and Martín Guzmán: the call that reassured the Minister of Economy

The Minister of Economy, Martín GuzmánIt seems to have received two strong supports in the midst of the crisis that the government is going through and that threatens to dismantle the presidential cabinet after the electoral defeat in the PASO.

After President Alberto Fernández tweeted a photo with his minister, in what was his first public statement after the massive resignation of officials, Guzmán received a call from the vice president, Cristina Kirchner.

As PROFILE learned, in the call the head of the Frente de Todos told Guzmán that she did not ask for his resignation. From her office in the Senate, the vice president told the minister that Kirchnerism points to a government reform that does not include it.

After message K: what will happen to Santiago Cafiero, Martín Guzmán and Matías Kulfas

Guzmán’s phone rang after he met Alberto Fernández in an emergency meeting at the Casa Rosada with the ministers who did not leave their positions at the disposal of the president.

In addition to Guzmán, the meeting was attended by Santiago Cafiero, Claudio Moroni, Cecilia Todesca, Matías Kulfas, Matías Lammens, Gabriel Katopodis, Juan Zabaleta and Vilma Ibarra.

The last to arrive at the meeting with Fernández were the Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, and Foreign Minister Felipe Solá, who complete the list of officials closest to the President.

Wado de Pedro and other K officials made their resignation available to Alberto Fernández

The ministers Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro (Interior), Martín Soria (Justice), Juan Cabandié (Environment), and Roberto Salvarezza (Science), and the civil servants Luana Volnovich and Fernanda Raverta they delivered their resignation letters to the president.

The shock that the fall in the polls meant increased pressure from Kirchnerism for the head of state to introduce modifications in his Cabinet, with a focus on the minister, Santiago Cafiero, and according to some versions, the Minister of Economy.


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